Cali Farm Talk is Maria C. Mellano and Elizabeth (Mellano) Kenney, sisters, and daughters of Dr. H. Michael Mellano, Senior, and Sharon Mellano; sisters of Mike M. Mellano; granddaughters of Giovanni and Maria Mellano, founders of Mellano & Company in 1925 and first-generation Italian immigrants. One of the first flowers grown were daisies which inspired the picture on this page.

Giovanni and Maria Mellano with Johnny Mellano in the middle and H. Michael Mellano in Maria’s arms.
vintage image
From left, H. M. Mellano, Johnny Mellano, Giovanni Mellano … workers in the fields in LA, CA

We are land and business owners in the South Morro Hills Community for 50 years since our parents moved to Wilshire Road in 1970 to live and farm the ranch located at 734 Wilshire Road.  Elizabeth has been a lifetime resident of South Morro Hills, raising her family (and all of their animals) here.  Maria lives between Boston and Oceanside.

We started this blog because of how important this issue is and how deeply concerned we are about the legacy of our families’ business and the land. We are personally paying for and producing this blog meaning it is not funded by the money from the development company responsible for the North River Farms proposed project.